Henry Molded Products floral and nursery containers come in over 150 sizes and shapes. They are made using 100% pre and post consumer newsprint, kraft paper and other selected wate papers. 

We add natural waxes and binders to ensure the final integrity of the products.

White Lareé™ maché floral vases hold water indefinitely while attractively displaying cut flower arrangements.

Henry Molded Products horticultural containers have provided growers with an effective method of growing, shipping, and transporting plants for decades.

Their insulating properties provide distinct advantages over other materials whether you are container growing outside, producing bedding plants in the glasshouse or potting field grown trees and shrubs.

You will find plants thrive in the biodegradable fibre containers whether you are in hot and sunny or cold and frosty conditions and they will not add any disposal problems or costs as thay are 100% biodegradable. 

Contact us with your ideas for Floristry Vases, Floral Foam Bases, Horticultural Containers, Hanging baskets and Hanging Basket Liners etc and we will work with you to develop your unique product ranges.

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